Susan Forrester-Mackay
Upcoming show at the Cafe 21, Dunkirk, NY April-May 2012

I’m a child of the sixties when beauty, love and peace were going to change the world. I create artwork because the beauty of the process is the best mind altering state I’ve ever known.

The subject of human beings and their interactions is an endless source of fascination for me; hence, most of my work is figurative and evocative, focusing on the variety of everyday human gesture.

By following the thoughts of Buddhist philosopher,
von Durkheim “… the human body is intended to carry, transmit and bear witness to essential life…in accordance with its inner image.”, for me, art becomes a meditation and my own way of “bearing witness”. 

Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking

Contact information:

Phone: 716-672-6758
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73 Eagle Street  
Fredonia, New York 14063

Gallery Representation:
Chautauqua-Lake Erie Art Trail
The Art Loft
Time Pieces